Fastcheck Facts:

Check and I.D. Verification - Guaranteed Results.

Using The Fastcheck Network, your customers (such as retail merchants) are accessing the fastest growing, most powerful and accurate check and identification IP based database in the United States. Servicing hundreds of thousands of point of sale locations nationally, using legacy dial-up and secure IP based verification standards.

We host and process only secure and confidential information from collection agencies and financial institutions, many in real-time, others providing fresh data hundreds of times per day. This secure and confidential data submitted belongs to our customers, and our services are privately labeled for our clients.


Our Customers - Agency Locations Nationwide who service, participate and/or represent tens of thousands of local and regional merchants.

Our built-in risk management and scoring features empowers our clients with an incredible amount of flexibility in reselling and performing verification, in turn, exceeding their customers expectations. This flexibility allows our clients to increase new revenue opportunities as technology and industries change. Most importantly, merchants continue to accept checks as a trusted form of payment, and benefit in the prevention of identification theft - at a wholesale cost.


Unlike other vendors, we feel there isn't any reason for us to limit customers into using our service by providing exclusive-only agreements. We believe our customers should have choices to stay competitive, therefore we continue to provide our loyal clientele the highest quality of services and support available.