Fastcheck Facts:

A letter to current and potential clients:

With over twenty five years building the collection and check businesses in software development, The Fastcheck Network and Cyclone software has recognized our customers as our most important and valuable asset.

We want to assure you that we are committed to helping by providing tools and services for you to acquire new customers and increase your collection revenue. Building on the foundation from our Fastcheck verification products and our loyal customers, The Fastcheck Network instantly has the foundation as an industry leader, with our check verification services and a history of solid reputation, quality and stability. The Fastcheck Network continues to develop and offer enhancements using state of the art Microsoft development software including: Visual Studio 2005 SQL Server 2005 ASP.NET Windows 2003 Server IIS 6.0 SQL Server 2000.

What makes us different than every other national verification network? Its simple.

#1 We will not charge our customers to submit data to the Fastcheck Network.

#2 We will not use our customers data and directly sell our Fastcheck Verification services directly to merchants. We keep our customers and their data secure and confidential.

#3 We support credit, collection, financial and law agencies to stop stolen and uncollectible ID's and checks.

#4 We will not collect or ask for any collection fees from your business. We are a software company, not a collection agency.

#5 The Fastcheck Network recognizes and supports patents: U.S. Patent No. 5,484,988 issued on January 16, 1996 regarding a "Electronic Retail Checkwriting point-of-sale system". U.S. Patent No. 6,164,528 issued on December 26, 2000 regarding Internet checking transactions. U.S. Patent No. 6,283,366 issued on September 4, 2001 regarding corporate checks and electronic fund transfers (EFT). U.S. Patent No. 6,354,491 issued on January 16, 2002 regarding authorizing the debiting of funds from bank accounts without the requirement of negotiating a paper check.

#6 We feel our prices are lower than our competition.

#7 We feel that our network uptime is better than our competition with a staffed redundant data hosting locations on the east and west coasts.

#8 Generating tests in the same demographic areas that the Fastcheck Network and our competition service, the quality of negative data submitted to the Fastcheck Network is 3 times more likely to stop a bad checkwriter than using our competition. Many of our customers interface and update the Fastcheck Network instantly, therefore not working with stale data that many hours, days or weeks old.

#9 Tired of getting calls to your office from confused or angry check writers because of a mis-typed ID at the point of sale that linked their ID to another person's negative account you've submitted? The Fastcheck Network has the solution.

#10 We will continue to provide the latest technology and tools to help our clients collect bad debt using IP based solutions.

#11 Members are encouraged to attend our user meetings and utilize their participation rights and vested interest to participate in the decision making process for future product enhancements, features and technologies.

We appreciate the value of your data and continue to keep it secure and confidential as we help your business grow.

- The Fastcheck Network Team