Fastcheck Facts:

Complete your product offering with Gift Cards.

Each Full Membership with the Fastcheck Network includes the opportunity to offer customized gift cards to your clients.

Review these Top Reasons to add a Gift Card Program to your Verification Service

* Almost 50 million adults purchased gift cards in the last year. 61% spent more than their original amount on the card."

* The Polling Company says a recent survey showed 48% of consumers are planning to buy at least one pre-paid card or gift certificate this year and 29% will buy three or more. Of those planning to purchase a pre-paid card or gift certificate, 25% will spend $50 or more while 35% will spend $25-$30 on each card."

* According to the findings of a new National Retail Federation (NRF) survey, the inaugural NRF Gift Card Survey, conducted by BIGresearch for NRF, found that 69.9 percent of consumers plan to buy gift cards in the coming year, spending an average of $34.24 per card.

* Nearly 50 percent of consumers (48.4%) in an earlier NRF holiday survey said they would like to receive gift cards this year, up from 41.3 percent last year.

* Consumers plan to spend $17.24 billion on gift cards during the 2003 holiday season, which would account for nearly 8 percent of all holiday sales. Also, the average person purchasing a gift card will be purchasing more than three cards (3.34), spending a total of $114.44.

* Older consumers are spearheading gift card growth. Consumers over age 65 plan to buy 3.90 cards, on average, spending $130.62. Consumers 55-64 will purchase an average of 3.61 cards, spending $134.80.