Fastcheck Facts:
With and extensive list of supported Point of Sale Terminals, and cash register systems - the Fastcheck Network is unique in not only providing Internet based services with verfication and check conversion, but can also convert your legacy dialup terminal (such as a Verifone Tranz 330) into a fast, secure internet device to eliminate phone line expenses.

Ease of Mind - Easy installation and Implementation

The Fastcheck Network is designed with flexible specifications to work with virtually any type of Point of sale terminal, IP Gateway, Register system and Virtual terminal software.

Terminals currently supported on the Fastcheck Network include (but not limited to):

EPN Micr
EPN Mobile
PC Charge (Dial-up Only)
IVI Checkmanager3000
Nurit 2060, 2080
Nurit 2085, 3000, 3020, 8320
Nurit 2090, 3010, 8000 (Dial-up Only)
Omni 3200, 3210
Omni 3730 & 3730LE
Omni 3300, 3740, 3750
Hypercom T7P, T77, T7E (T7E requires a ext. printer)
Hypercom ICE 5500, ICE 5700
RDM Synergy
4Access Orion
Dionica Omero X
Mobilescape 5000 (WIRELESS)
Axalto Magic 6100
LinkPoint 2000, 3000/AIO
Zon Jr/XL300
Tranz 330
Tranz 380/380x2
Tranz 420
Tranz 460
Comstar 3010
Comstar 8000
Techtrex PrimeTrex
Checkmanger/IVI CM3000/EN3000/CM2010

Various Check Scanner and Imagers supported include:

NCR RealPOS 7167
Epson TM-H6000II w/TS (serial version)
IBM SureMark 4610
TM-H6000II w/TS (serial version)
Welch Allyn

Ingenico eN2500
Magtek Mini MICR
Magtek Mini/ Magstripe
Ingenico eN2600 Scanner
CR1000i Scanner
Magtek MICRImage
(Note - Some models are supported via third party solutions)

Various POS computer software.
Various Virtual Terminal software.
Various Cash Registers and systems.