Fastcheck Facts:

Greeley, Colorado October 1st, 2006

Cyclone Software today announced a new Point of Sale terminal support program for collection agency customers, the most significant service enhancement to the nation’s most popular and fastest growing check verification service The Fastcheck Network, featuring online and dial-up check verification and check conversion services. This support program delivers live telephone support for merchants that utilize hardware and check verification software on a daily basis for pennies a day.

“Cyclone Software is able to extend, to agencies performing check verification, a support department with professional terminal support services leveraging over twenty years of unparalleled knowledge and experience in the verification industry” says Mick Phillips, CEO of Cyclone Software. “We are unaware of any other organization that has the experience and staff to not only service clients using the Fastcheck Network, but other check verification and credit card processors as well.”

“This service guides merchants through every aspect of Point of Sale troubleshooting, and training. When needed, Cyclone delivers pre-programmed replacement equipment to exact specifications and standards as if our customer were performing and onsite installation. We feel this will save our customer time and labor in which they can focus more on collections.”

“We has consistently demonstrated that we have our finger on the pulse of today’s check verification industry with The FastCheck Network, from processing verification transactions, ease of use, and end to end support for our customers. “

The Fastcheck Network, a privately labeled service offered to collection agencies has become the nations most popular verification service nationwide, with over 500 new check verification merchants locations added per week.

Cyclone software ignited the check verification revolution within the collection agency market in the 1980’s with the Fastcheck and Wincheck products in the 90’s. Today, Cyclone continues to lead the industry in innovation with its check verification and collection software services and applications.

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Brent Smith
Cyclone Software